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Botou pear from the market into the supermarket
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Botou pear from the market into the supermarket

In the past, according to the trade market in Botou on the heap to sell pears, and now has entered the United States, Canada, Australia supermarket. Not only that, early crisp new varieties of Huangguan pear than ordinary pear in advance of a moon tree, across the seas, to seize the market space. Oriental Fruit Company in Botou, Zhang Wanrong, deputy general manager, told us that recently there will be 5 containers of pears sold to canada. This year, they also signed an agreement with the United States WAL-MART group 20 thousand tons of pear exports.

Botou is the hometown of pear, pear planting area of 250 thousand acres. A few years ago, due to some farmers simply by the pursuit of the idea of the impact of output, in the case of rising output, but the quality has declined, suffered unprecedented market cold. Pear industry ups and downs not only affect the city's fiscal revenue, more directly related to the farmer's pocketbook. How to make fruit industry by big do strong? There is only one good - adjustment, the purpose is to improve quality and efficiency. Botou city forestry science and technology, organization, technical supervision departments according to the domestic and international fruit production standards, formulated the "Botou pear orchard cultivation technology and standard regulations", "Botou pear fruit grading standards" in the process, the promotion of standardized production of pear orchard and green food production management mode, and using imported pear bags and no pollution control of pesticide production, cultivation techniques, improve the quality of. At the same time, Botou by supporting large leading fruit company, to play its advantages in terms of capital, information, etc., to promote and guide farmers to adjust the structure. Li Hong fruit can be called Botou pear industry leader, in the form of "company + farmers" in the form of "Golden Horse orchard", so that Orient Corp in the international free ride has a strong backing. According to the requirements of the production of farmers, under the pear tree like industrial products, standard parts as stable quality, excellent fruit rate reached 90%, the commodity rate of up to 95%. After the transformation of Botou pear, opened the United States, Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia market. From last year's pear trees to the first half of this year, Botou pear exports 40 thousand tons, earning $30 million. At the same time, to extend the industrial chain, to occupy the market space, the city of Botou and the "leading" the company has invited experts to give the farmer class, led farmers to go to visit and study the form, and actively guide farmers to introduce out of season pear varieties. The city has introduced the abundant water, gold, Huangguan, Zaosu Suisho, other famous quality varieties, from July to October are pear varieties supply market. At present, Botou city has improved 30 thousand acres of pear varieties.

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